Introducing Razor™ - Creating a future without disruptions

Praemo’s Razor™ technology helps sustainably improve your productivity, quality, safety, and environmental impact.  

 Actionable insights that save time and money.


Razor™ - Harnessing the power of Machine Learning

Praemo developed Razor™ utilizing real world experiences and problems to provide a non intrusive product which will analyze industrial data and translate it into actionable insights for our customers. 

 Sustainably improving or enhancing value in your operations has never been easier. Our Razor™ technology delivers Predictive Analytics and Prescriptive Intelligence painlessly to enable you to make better informed decisions about running your business.


Predictive Analytics

Razor™ analyzes collected data to identify abnormal equipment and process behavior before it leads to costly variability and disruptions.

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Prescriptive Intelligence

Razor™ combines industry expertise with “learned” behavior to automatically create actionable recommendations.

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Events & Insights

Razor™ delivers intuitive notifications & insights to users who “subscribe” to equipment and event categories.

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