Our team designed Razor™ to be the Engine that turns data into action

Data Science  -  Industry Experience  -  Real Time Connectivity  -  Real Time Actionable Insights


Razor™ Engine - AI Driven Alerts 

Razor™ analyzes data in Real Time to identify abnormal equipment and process behavior (anomalies detection) before it leads to costly variability and disruptions.  Razor™ will send alerts based on the anomalies it identifies so an operator can act before potential impact to the operation.

Razor™ Cockpit - Only see what you need to see

Razor™ engine is feeding only the real time information that is valuable to your operation. 

Razor™ - Mobile

Real Time Actionable Insigh​ts & Analytics right to your fin​ger tips

We focus on things

that matter

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People make it happen which is why we pride ourselves on acquiring the best, brightest and imaginative.

We are working to change the status quo and doing it with Excitement, Hard Work and Artificial Intelligence.

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Technology & Machine Learning 

We have developed machine learning algorithms to be used in industrial environments to work in sync with your equipment.

Industry Experience

Our team is of industry for industry.  Our people have experienced the problems we are solving with our Razor™ technology and who understand real world operation versus theoretical.

The Right Talent

We acquire top talent on many fronts including top Data Scientists, AI talent and Industry experts.

Think Big, Start Small, Scale Rapidly

We work with clients to solve problems that have meaningful and significant upsides to their operations.  We start small, implement quick then scale rapidly to realize the enterprise value.

'Real Time Connectivity' with Actionable Insights

Our mission is to provide only what you need, when you need it.  Getting real time meaningful data that is actionable into the operators' hands is always our goal.  We want the operator to operate rather than spend time on a system figuring out what to action.  Razor™ will alert when you need to take action.